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Reasons why your dog escape and how to stop it

dog escape

Repeated attempts to keep your pet on the farm can be frustrating, but any escape opens up the possibility of tragic consequences. When your dog starts running, you run the risk of getting injured in a fight with another dog, being hit by a car or being injured in another way. You are also responsible for any damage or injury your dog may cause, and you may have to pay a fine if an animal control authority picks it up. 

To avoid escapes, you should find out why he is so determined to leave and how your dog gets out of the yard. Losing your dog can be a terrible experience. If your dog runs away repeatedly, it is important to understand why and how to stop it. 

Not all dogs escape, but for various reasons, they may do. Here are some 

Your Dog is Bored


This is the main reason why most dogs escape. They will leave you alone in the yard with nothing better to do, and it’s not that hard to get out. So they take a walk around the neighborhood. 

Many dogs stay at home all day without human company while you go to work. You’re still locked up at home while you’re busy with work. When you walk your dog at night, his instinct to escape is more acute. And go explore as you please.

 If you don’t give your dog something to do, it is very likely that he will come up with his own ideas. In many cases, that means you are embarking on an adventure! Solve this by supervising your dog, training them properly, and giving them chew toys to keep them busy. 

Your Dog is Looking for a Mate

Intact or unaltered men are particularly guilty of wandering around the neighborhood in search of love. That means that if you castrate your dog or get a wife, it won’t necessarily stop your dog from deciding to roam. 

If your child can smell a woman nearby, especially in hot weather, he will try very hard to jump over the fence and meet her. Women, especially women in heat, can also escape finding a suitor. Neutering your male dog and neutering your female dog can help reduce this problem. 

Your Dog Is on the Hunt


 Many dogs easily jump over fences or escape from the yard to hunt for a hare, squirrel, or any other element of potential prey. This habit is quite more common in prey breeds such as huskies, almost all dogs like to hunt fluffy, small animals.

  Leaving your dog unattended to hunt squirrels or hares almost always creates a dog that enjoys this pastime more and more. Even if your dog doesn’t usually jump over the fence to hunt a squirrel, hunting is sometimes too fun to stop. Supervising your dog, giving it something better, and improving your fence can help prevent your dog from escaping to hunt other animals. 

Your Dog is Scared

Even the best-behaved dogs might try to escape if they’re scared enough. This problem is particularly common during thunderstorms or summer fireworks. These strong blows can even cause meek dogs to panic. In a desperate attempt to escape the terrible sounds, dogs can jump through windows, pass through screen doors or even climb high fences. Ensuring your dog during thunderstorms and fireworks will keep your puppy safe. 

Your dog is anxious


There are many reasons why a dog may not feel so comfortable in the house. A few consecutive parties at home, playing loud music, visiting too many strangers, etc. are reasons for dogs to feel unsafe and uncomfortable. He is frustrated with these triggers and is looking for a safer place.

Your dog is hunting

 Dogs have a natural preference for hunting things. A squirrel. A bird. It’s an insect. Many dogs have a greater prey drive. In hunting breeds, this is their innate trait and their hunting instincts take over when they see smaller animals. 

Tips to Stop Your Dog From Escaping

 Escaping is essentially a behavioral problem. Once you’ve made informed guesses and figured out the exact cause, it’s pretty easy to keep track of it. So how do you train your dog not to walk away?

Keep them busy


Dogs get bored very quickly, just like humans. And then they think about finding their own sources of entertainment. Get them plenty of exercises. Allow them to play whenever possible. Spend time playing with them and give them toys to keep them busy. 

Decide their love life

Make sure your dog is neutered or neutered if necessary so that he doesn’t look for suitors. It won’t solve the problem completely, but it will lessen the uncontrollable excitement when they know that a potential date is in the neighborhood. 

Win their trust

If you have a steady stream of visitors, teach your dog to trust them. Do some training exercises to understand that the guests are your friends. If there is a party at stake, take your dog for extra exercise, feed him and let him be tired enough to sleep at the start of the party. Make sure that your space is not compromised so that they continue to enjoy their family comfort.

Use a GPS collar tracker

 There is a disturbing sense of helplessness that devours you when your pet disappears. These few minutes or hours are agony, enter the GPS collar trackers. Using pet trackers not only removes pressure but also keeps your pet safe. These portable trackers are equipped with location and activity monitoring features that allow you to keep an eye on your pet at all times through the accompanying app. 

Keep your eye on it


However, it is also important to address the underlying problem. Sure, a secure fence and secure surveillance help. But if your dog is really bored, scared, or motivated to escape, they may still find a way out. Even if you can prevent your dog from running away with good fences, your dog can get bored or scared! 

Once the fence is secured and you have an idea of why your dog is trying to flee, it’s important to address the root of the problem:

  •  Neuter or neuter your dogs to prevent them from moving for sexual reasons. This will help reduce the hormonal urge to roam, but it won’t necessarily change the habit if your dog wanders for years!
  •  Give boring dogs something else to do, such as chew toys or bully sticks. Most dogs want to use at least a few chew toys and puzzles every day, especially if left alone. 
  • Increase the exercise so that your dog does not feel the need to walk alone. Some dogs need to walk or walk for more than an hour a day to be happy! For dogs that are driven by prey, try using a flirt pole so that they can develop their instincts in a safe environment. 

Finishing Lines

Help your anxious dog feel more comfortable with loud sounds. Tools such as soothing treats, thunder shirts, and white noise devices can help, but most dogs really need help with systematic desensitization and counter-conditioning.  A trainer will help you create a training plan that will protect your dog and prevent another visit to the kennel to collect your escapes! Trainers are especially useful if your dog’s escape is motivated by the urge of prey or fear. 





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